Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, see below.

Q1. How do PRICE PRIVILEGES cards work?
A1. To use a PRICE PRIVILEGES card, you must go inside the store to pay for fuel. PRICE PRIVILEGES cards cannot be swiped at the pump. You will always need to have an alternate method of payment as all PRICE PRIVILEGES card redemptions will be a partial payment only and will not cover the full value of your purchase. The receipt will show how much you saved on fuel as well as the balance remaining on the card in cents per litre savings. Only one PRICE PRIVILEGES card can be used in a single transaction.
Q2. Can the PRICE PRIVILEGES card cover the entire purchase amount?
A2. No. A PRICE PRIVILEGES card is a fuel savings card, which provides discounts every time you fill up at an Esso station. It is not designed to cover the entire purchase amount; therefore you must use an alternate method of payment to cover the balance due.
Q3. Can I check the balance on my PRICE PRIVILEGES card?
A3. Yes. You can check the balance on your PRICE PRIVILEGES card online at You can also check your balance in the Esso store or on your last purchase receipt.
Q4. What products can I purchase with a PRICE PRIVILEGES card?
A4. Motor Fuels are the only products that the PRICE PRIVILEGES discount applies to.
Q5. Can I earn Esso Extra points or Aeroplan Miles with PRICE PRIVILEGES cards?
A5. Yes. Esso Extra points or Aeroplan Miles are earned when you make a purchase using the PRICE PRIVILEGES cards as partial payment. However, you must swipe your Esso Extra Card or Aeroplan Card at the time of transaction.
Q6. Can I redeem my Esso Extra points for a PRICE PRIVILEGES card?
A6. Yes. Members of our Esso Extra loyalty program can redeem points for a PRICE PRIVILEGES Reward. Please visit to redeem your points. Not an Esso Extra member? Join Now.
Q7. Do PRICE PRIVILEGES cards expire?
A7. Some PRICE PRIVILEGES cards may expire. You can view the card expiration date at or on redemption receipts if applicable.
Q8. After the expiry date, can a Retailer honour a PRICE PRIVILEGES card?
A8. No. A retailer does not have the ability to honour a PRICE PRIVILEGES card once it has expired.
Q9. How secure are PRICE PRIVILEGES cards?
A9. PRICE PRIVILEGES cards do not contain any credit card or personal information. So if they are lost or stolen, no confidential information is at risk.
Q10. Can a lost or stolen PRICE PRIVILEGES card be replaced?
A10. Yes, if your card is registered and you are able to provide your card number and have funds remaining on the card. Funds that are already spent on the card cannot be replaced. Customers should report a lost or stolen PRICE PRIVILEGES card to Customer Service by calling 1-800-567-3776. Customers can go online to to register their card to protect their balance.
Q11. What if my PRICE PRIVILEGES card is defective?
A11. Call Customer Service at 1-800-567-3776 to enquire about a replacement PRICE PRIVILEGES card.
Q12. Can a PRICE PRIVILEGES card be reloaded at the station?
A12. No. Once the balance has been used up the PRICE PRIVILEGES card cannot be reloaded with a new balance at the station.
Q13. How do businesses purchase PRICE PRIVILEGES cards?
A13. Businesses can call 1-866-527-2677 to speak with a sales representative to learn about card options that are right for them.
Q14. Can a PRICE PRIVILEGES card be used in combination with a fleet card?
A14. Yes. PRICE PRIVILEGES cards can be used in combination with any form of payment accepted at Esso stations. Only one PRICE PRIVILEGES card can be used per transaction.

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for in the above list of questions, please contact Esso Customer Service at 1-800-567-3776.